Adam Robert Bell

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Adam Robert Bell Untitled
61 x 91.4 cm

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Adam Robert Bell

Adam Robert Bell

Adam Robert Bell Biography

Born: 1972
Locality: Peakhill, NSW
Tribe: Wiradjuri
Totem: Goanna

Adam is a young and enthusiastic artist. He actively participates in the arts within his community and is an art teacher at Newtown Neighbourhood Centre for the positive voice programme.

My name is Adam Bell and I am an Waradjuri Man, North of New South Wales Australia. My people have lived on this land for thousands of years. Kiarma, the Rainbow Serpent, was a maker of hills, mountains and water ways and most of all a protector of the people. When Kiarma had left our people from all across our land our people had promised to put their hands to the ground and promised to be the protector of our next generations to come

Adam Robert Bell Resumé


Milpera Art Festival
Inner West Courier Mail

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