Bambatu Napangardi

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Bambatu Napangardi

Bambatu Napangardi

Bambatu Napangardi Biography

Bambatu Napangardi was born circa 1942 in Pintupi country near Kiwirrkurra in Western Australia. Bambatu grew up in the bush living a traditional life with her family, hunting and living off the land, as her ancestors had for thousands of years before her. She had no contact with established communities until her family walked into the Papunya Community, west of Alice Springs, in the 1960’s. Bambatu’s parents died when she was young, the responsibility for her upbringing was handed over to well known artists Yala Yala Gibbs and Ningura Gibson Naparrula, exposing her to painting from a young age.
Bombatu Napangardi was an apprentice to her husband Dinni Campbell, a notable Papunya artist, for many years. The skills and techniques she has learnt from her husband and by watching the old men of Papunya paint is now applied to her own paintings. Her works are quite typical of older generation from Kintore and Papunya while the techniques she uses in her work tend to focus on painting in line work and dotting techniques showing body paint designs and the many traditional symbols seen in Central Desert paintings.
Bombatu depicts the dreaming stories of her people and to conveys them to the world. In the early 1980’s Bambatu also started painting at Papunya Tula. Her paintings depict traditional women’s stories of women grouping together at particular sites to perform ceremonies. Bambatu regularly paints the Kungka Tjukurrpa in her artworks that represents the sand hills of her country. These sand hills are shown by her use of striking geometric dotted lines that create a maze like effect. The circular forms depict rockholes where women would gather along their travels. Bambatu’s palette consists of neutral colours of red, orange, brown, white and black. Her simple yet striking compositions instantly attract the viewer to her work and hence her profile as an Aboriginal painter has become more firmly established as her works have steadily sold well through many galleries around Australia.

Bambatu Napangardi Description

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