Dulcie Pula Long


About the Artists:


Dulcie Pula Long is an Anmatyerre woman, born 1979 at Boundary Bore Outstation, in the Utopia regions of the Northern Territory. Being the daughter of renowned artist Jeannie Petyarre, Dulice continues the strong painting tradition of her extended family. These include Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre, Greeny Purvis Petyarre and the Pwerle sisters, Minnie, Emily, Galya and Molly.

Dulcie depicts the Bush Medicine Leaves story from her family’s country with rhythmic strokes and vibrant colour, characteristic of Utopian artists. Bush Medicine Leaves, a common motif for her creative relatives, are the leaves plants found in and around the Utopia region. Women would collect the leaves for use in their communities to treat a variety of ailments. Dulcie paints this story with reverence to its history and with the hope that the spirit of the plants continue.

While continuing her family’s tradition of painting, Dulcie also works at the local aged care facility in Utopia.