Effie Serico

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Effie Serico Meeting Place
Meeting Place
95 x 121 cm
Effie Serico Untitled
100 x 133 cm

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Effie Serico

Effie Serico

Effie Serico Biography

Effie was born in Cherbourg, Queensland, around 1950.
She began her artistic career by painting boomerangs for the Queensland government when she was a young woman.
In 1976 the renowned Yirrkala artist Wanjuk Marika visited Effie to advise her on her painting. Wanjuk entrusted Effie with the duty of maintaining and teaching traditional indigenous art techniques to keep them alive for younger generations.
Effie completed a Bachelor of Indigenous Community Management and Bachelor of Adult Education in order to effectively facilitate cross cultural communication and express the importance of traditional Indigenous painting techniques to cultural identity and spiritual wellbeing.

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