Elizabeth Kunoth

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Elizabeth Kunoth Yerramp (Honey Ant) Dreaming
Yerramp (Honey Ant) Dreaming
60 x 45 cm

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Elizabeth Kunoth

Elizabeth Kunoth

Elizabeth Kunoth Description

Elizabeth Kunoth Kngwarray was born in 1961 and currently resides in Utopia, a small community in the Northern Territory known for its exceptional Art.

Belonging to the language group, Anmatyerr, Elizabeth’s Dreamings include honey ant Dreaming, seed gathering and stories involving her Grandmother’s country.

Elizabeth is the niece of Kathleen and Gloria Petyarre, two of the most famous and highly respected Indigenous artists.  She began to paint in only 2005, and her work to date is evidence of her talent as an artist and the direction of her exceptional career.

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