Janet Long Nakamarra


Dreaming, Bandicoot (Waljirri), 2017

Acrylic on canvas Acrylic  
199 x 83 cm

This painting depicts the songlines of the Bandicoot as he moves around the land. As he takes this journey he sings and creates country. Through the centre of the painting, we can see the valley that he walks and creates, surrounded by three large mountains, and the large river in between. Janet paints this story in white, because Bandicoots have a striking white pattern running down their back and tail.

During ceremonies to pay homage to the ancestors the women will paint their upper bodies, arms and breasts with markings in ochre paste. When women dance the story of the Bandicoot, the dreaming is also marked in white, not red or earth tones. The dreaming is painted in lines across the breastbone and shoulders.


AUD 4,900.00

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