Josepha Petrick Kemarre

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Josepha Petrick Kemarre Bush Plum Dreaming
Bush Plum Dreaming
90 x 150 cm

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Josepha Petrick Kemarre

Josepha Petrick Kemarre

Josepha Petrick Kemarre Biography

Josepha was born at Santa Teresa, a mission approximately 80kms South East of Alice Springs. Here she lived a mostly traditional life, collecting bush foods and participating in ceremonies.
She moved to Utopia, a community known for its quality art, and began painting with acrylic paints on canvas in 1990.
The majority of Josepha’s works depict Bush Plum Dreaming, from her father’s country. This fruit is an important form of bush tucker for Josepha’s people. The intricate dotting and various colours in her works represent the fruit at its various ripening stages.
Josepha’s works have appeared in a number of exhibitions in both Australia and overseas.

Josepha Petrick Kemarre Resumé


1996, Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery, Melbourne
1997/1999/2000, Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia, Melbourne
2001, Embassy Australia, Washington, U.S.A
2003, Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Melbourne
2005, Wellington Gallery, Central, Hong Kong
2006, Aboriginal Artists from the Western and Central Desert, Without Pier Gallery, Chelthenham, Victoria
2006, Women’s Show, Boscia Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
Feb - Mar 2008, Josie Petrick: Bush Berry Dreaming, Aranda Art, Melbourne


Mbantua Gallery Permanent Collection, Alice Springs
Charles Sturt University Collection
Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia
Artbank, Sydney

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