Kurun Warun

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Kurun Warun Living with Water
Living with Water
120 x 180 cm
Kurun Warun Body Paint
Body Paint
90 x 200 cm
Kurun Warun Dry Riverbed
Dry Riverbed
174 x 50 cm
Kurun Warun Dry Riverbed
Dry Riverbed
50 x 175 cm
Kurun Warun Dry Riverbed
Dry Riverbed
50 x 175 cm
Kurun Warun Dry Riverbed
Dry Riverbed
48 x 172 cm
Kurun Warun Dry Waterhole
Dry Waterhole
60 x 180 cm
Kurun Warun Eels Biting the Stone
Eels Biting the Stone
48 x 172 cm
Kurun Warun Fire Stick Dreaming
Fire Stick Dreaming
120 x 179 cm
Kurun Warun Fire Stick Plant
Fire Stick Plant
120 x 168 cm
Kurun Warun Fire Stick Plant
Fire Stick Plant
70 x 198 cm
Kurun Warun Hunter Story
Hunter Story
60 x 150 cm

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Kurun Warun

Kurun Warun

Kurun Warun Biography

Kurun Warun was born in Queensland in 1966 and is from the Gunditjmara tribe. Kurun’s line of heritage can be traced back to Truganini, the last living Tasmanian Queen. Kurun was taught and encouraged by his mother to begin painting at a young age and today he is internationally recognised for both his artistic and musical skills. Living and working now in Noosa hinterland in South East Queensland, Kurun’s works represent the development of contemporary Aboriginal abstract art. While his paintings are often not clear at first glance, the stories they portray begin to reveal themselves through colour, line and space. Kurun Warun also finds expression through traditional dance and music. Being an accomplished didgeridoo musician he has performed around the world in places as far flung as Italy and Korea. He played a role in the Sydney 2000 Olympic games as a traditional artist, has appeared on NBC in the United States and before Chelsea Clinton, former US president's daughter.

Kurun Warun Resumé


Cambridge University , England

The Edge, Auckland

Netherlands Embassy

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), Coolum

Pierce Brosnan - Private Collection

Michael Schumacher - Private Collection

Prime Minister of Turkey - Private Collection

Sultan Indris Shah of Selangor , Malaysia - Private Collection

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