Sarrita King

Sarrita King - Languages of the Earth

Languages of the Earth, 2017

Acrylic on linen  
30 x 60 cm

Inspired by the different geographical water formations, these paintings seek to mimic the movement and colours of this life-giving element. Listening to her father explain the dire importance of water to the Aboriginal people and its culture, Sarrita feels this element in particular connects her to her dad. Sarrita often uses metallic paint to define the shapes and ripples caused by the movement of water. They highlight a background of shades of blue or black and create visual motion diagonally across the canvas.

These paintings thematically diverge from Sarrita’s elemental inspired series. In an abstract way Sarrita references the iconography of the Tingari creation ancestors with her use of strong rectangles. These are then given body with dots and dashes, similar to Morse code. These symbols of communication are haunting in their familiarly, like an ancient language that was once known but now sits dormant at the back of one’s memory. The overall aesthetic is bold and assertive, and just like much iconography in Aboriginal cultures, the ancient now appears contemporary.



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