Suzie Hunter

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Suzie Hunter Bush Tucker
Bush Tucker
90 x 123 cm

3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 120, Works per page


Suzie Hunter

Suzie Hunter

Suzie Hunter Biography

Suzie was born in Utopia, a community located 240 kilometres north east of Alice Springs known for its quality art.
Suzie comes from a family of artists, her siblings are also artists of note. Despite being a younger artist, Suzie lives a traditional life in the bush and has a deep connection with her country.
Suzie depicts all aspects of her Dreaming, including ceremonies, sacred sites, body paint and bush tucker. Her works are linked by an emphasis on women’s role in the above. Many works feature women in traditional body paint gathered at a ceremonial site as depicted from above. The women are chanting song lines, passing their Dreaming stories on to the younger generations.
Suzie uses a palette of traditional ochre tones such as yellow, white and red. Her works are usually very detailed and she uses a fine brushstroke. Suzie’s respect for her country and its Dreaming stories is reflected in her works.

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