Tarisse King

Images of My Country, 2017

Acrylic on linen  
60 x 60 cm

In this work Tarisse features two of her prominent designs which explore her relationship to the country around Katherine, where her ancestors once walked.

Common to Aboriginal practice, Tarisse was handed down the Earth Images style to paint by her father, William King Jangala. It is a macro view of land around the small remote town of Katherine, the area where her Gurindji tribe once inhabited. It details meandering rivers, small tributaries, active and abandoned campsites. The impact of strong colour is immediate in these artworks and the canvas is starkly broken by the dominant and contrasting lines mapping waterways cutting their way through the land.

In the surrounding section Tarisse depicts land formations such as rivers, rock holes, billabongs, shelters, tracks and food sources in a striking black and white design.


AUD 995.00

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