Violet Petyarre


About the Artists:


Violet Petyarre was born in Central Australia at Atnagkere Soakage in c.1946.

Since 1977 Violet has been creating artworks. She began working alongside family members in Utopia including her sisters Kathleen, Gloria, Ada Bird, Nancy, Myrtle and Jean Petyarre, as well as her late Aunt Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

Her early works were created with dotted batik and woodblock prints on silk. In 1988, she moved to painting with acrylics on canvas and more recently she has been experimenting with bold and vibrant colours.

Violet mainly paints Arnkerrth (Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming) and Awelye (Women’s Ceremonial Body Art). She also paints Annlara (Pencil Yam), Engcarma (Bean), Unyara (Emu), Elaitchurunga (Small Brown Grass) and Kadjeta (Grass Seeds).

She uses dots and intricate line work to create her contemporary pieces.