Esther Bruno Nangala

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Esther Bruno Nangala Marrapinti
190 x 190 cm

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Esther Bruno Nangala

Esther Bruno Nangala

Esther Bruno Nangala Biography

Esther is an emerging artist from the Papunya area, an area in the Western Desert approximately 240 km northwest of Alice Springs.
Esther’s grandmother is the well known artist Naata Nungarrayi, and her influence can be seen in Esther’s work. Both women depict the women’s sites, ceremonies and laws of their traditional country. The works are traditional in feel, they utilise a restricted palette of bright ochre tones and established imagery and designs.
Esther often uses a large quantity of paint on her canvases, giving them a tactile quality.

Esther Bruno Nangala Description

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