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Minnie Pwerle Bush Melon Dreaming
Awelye Atnwengerrp
90 x 122 cm
Minnie Pwerle Awelye
120 x 90 cm
Minnie Pwerle Awelye Atnwengerrp
Awelye Atnwengerrp
91 x 91 cm

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Minnie Pwerle

Minnie Pwerle

Minnie Pwerle Biography

Minnie Pwerle was born c. 1910 in the region of Utopia and passed away in March 2006. Incredibly, Minnie began painting her acrylic works when she was in her late eighties. The artist’s main Dreamings are “Awelye-Atnwengerrp” (Women’s Ceremony) and “The Bush Melon Dreaming”. “Awelye-Atnwengerrp” is depicted as a series of lines in varying widths and colours. The pattern represents the designs painted on the top half of the women’s bodies during ceremonies in their country. “Bush Melon Dreaming” is depicted using meandering linear design, circles and breast motif in different colours. This dreaming tells the story of the sweet and delicious bush tucker that comes from a small bush only found in Atnwengerrp. It has now become a scarce delicacy, unlike the times when it was abundant and fruiting in the summer. Her works are colourful, bold and mesmerizing with predominantly free-flowing lines. Minnie’s paintings adorn the walls of many institutional and private collections internationally.

Minnie Pwerle Description

Minnie Pwerle Resumé

Selected Exhibitions
2000, M. Pwerle Sydney, Melbourne & Alice Springs
2000, DACOU in association with AMP, AMP building, Sydney
2000, Gallery Savah, Sydney
2001, Out of Utopia, Canberra
2001, San Anselmo, Marin County California, USA
2001, Small Stories Perth WA
2001, Desert Colour - My Country, Darwin, Northern Territory
2001, Painting Country, Tandanya, Adelaide
2001, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
2001, Women Artists of the Australian Desert, Auckland, New Zealand
2002, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Savah, Sydney
2002, United - Mother and Daughter", Alison Kelly Gallery, Victoria
2002, New York City, UTSA
2003, M. Pwerle: Original & Authentic Aboriginal Art, Melbourne
2003, Alice Springs
2003, M. Pwerle & Mitjili Napurrula Japingka Gallery, Fremantle
2003, Art and Soul Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
2003, Art from the Dreamtime, Portland Art Museum
2004, Diva's of the Desert, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs
2005, Utopia Revealed Japingka Gallery, Fremantle
2006, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Savah, Brisbane

2001 The 18th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award

Art Gallery of South Australia (Adelaide)
Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane)
National Gallery of Australia (Canberra)
Museum & Art Gallery Northern Territory (Darwin)
Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney)
Art Bank (Sydney)
National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne)
Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne)
Art Gallery of Western Australia (Perth)
Homes a Court Gallery and gallery Collection (Perth)
Kelton Foundation
Kreglinger Collection
Thomas Vroom Collection
AMP Collection
John McBride Collection Hank
Ebes Collection
Fred Torres Collection

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