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Peter Mungkuri Apu Hills
Apu Hills
151 x 151 cm

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Peter Mungkuri

Peter Mungkuri

Peter Mungkuri Biography

Peter Mungkuri was born around 1946 in Fregon, South Australia. Since then he has remained in the country between Mimili and Indulkana. Peter has always respected his environment, as a young man he started a bush garden and Mimili and watered trees. He then started work at cattle stations and as a drover, moving livestock over large distances and mustering cows by rounding them up on horseback.

During this time Peter began painting, but was too busy to fully engage in his passion. Since retiring, Peter begun painting in earnest at Iwantja, where he is a tjilpi (senior old man).

Peter’s works range from freeform evocations of country to structured, muted depictions of rockhole sites. His works reflect an abiding connection to, and a desire to sustain, the sacred sites of his lands.

Peter has exhibited his work throughout Australia and it is included in a number of collections.

Peter Mungkuri Description

Peter Mungkuri Resumé

Tandanya Adelaide 2008
Australia Dreaming Art Gallery Melbourne 2009
Our Mob 2009
Desert Mob 2009
Mossensons Gallery Perth 2010
Gallery 139 Adelaide 2010 Solo Show
Desert Mob 2010
Mossenson Gallery Melbourne 2010
Mossenson Gallery Melbourne Men's Show 2011
Booker Lowe Gallery Houston Texas 2011

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