Sarrita King

Fire, 2020

Acrylic on linen  
30 x 60 cm

The power of fire to the Aboriginal people was not only a vital element for staying alive but is also believed to connect the people with their ancestors. Her father told her of the connection of all things in life and explained that her ancestors would experience the same connection to the land as her when feeling the warmth of the fire and looking into its deep colours. Fire was also used in the important act of ‘back burning’, utilised by the Aboriginal people to stimulate the rejuvenation of plant growth and therefore food sources. Sarrita acknowledges all of this in her Fire paintings. Injecting paint onto the canvas surface, Sarrita recreates the sharp licks of flames in glowing oranges and reds stretching up the length canvas. The contrast of the bright colours on a jet black background creates an immense visual heat and also a cutting contemporary aesthetic.


AUD 495.00

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