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Shane Haurama Rainbow Serpent
Shane Haurama
64 x 90 cm
Shane Haurama Spirit Figures
Spirit Figures

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Shane Haurama

Shane Haurama

Shane Haurama Biography

Shane Haurama is a Sydney based contemporary Aboriginal artist. Shane’s lineage derives from the Tiwi Islands, with both his mother and father being descendants of Bathurst Island, while his maternal ancestors hark from the Waramanga people who inhabit the regions of Tennant Creek and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Working in the mediums of both paint and sculpture, Shane has developed a unique style incorporating traditional colours with defined bold designs that has earned him artistic recognition. Represented at a number of Sydney art galleries, Haurama has also won multiple art prizes and been commissioned to create public artworks for art festivals around Sydney.

Inspired by the figurative aesthetic of the sculptures produced by the Manubada people of Yule Island that lies between Cape York and Papua New Guinea, Shane crafts artworks that typically represent the story of the Feather Foot (Kadachi Man), Yawkyawk, Mimih Spirit and his own tribal totem, the Jabiru. Shane reflects his sensitivity to Country through his use of recycled materials, respecting the land that he and his people have such strong connections to.

Shane Haurama Resumé

2004 North Sydney Council’s New Wave Competition, NSW – Winner
2005 Guringai Festival Belonging: People and Place, NSW – Represented Artist

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