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Freddy Purla Scorpion Dreaming
Scorpion Dreaming
91 x 122 cm
Freddy Purla Scorpion Dreaming
Scorpion Dreaming
99 x 100 cm
Freddy Purla Scorpion Dreaming
Scorpion Dreaming
178 x 123 cm

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Freddy Purla

Freddy Purla

Freddy Purla Biography

Freddy was born in Darwin, to a family of accomplished artists. His mother is Barbara Weir and grandmother Minnie Pwerle, both highly respected artists from Utopia, a community located 240 kilometres north east of Alice Springs known for its quality art.
Freddy would regularly visit Utopia with his relatives and was fascinated by the scorpion.
When Freddy began to paint, he chose to depict the Scorpion Dreaming, which was passed down to him by his grandmother’s family. His works represent the courtship dance between the male and female scorpion. The two animals interlock their pincers and travel back and forward. The tracks that are left in the ground form the basis for Freddy’s works, which powerfully represent the energy and vigour of the many movements made by the scorpions.
Fred’s work is included in many collections in both Australia and overseas.

Freddy Purla Resumé

1998 Quadrivium Gallery, Sydney.
1999 Quadrivium Gallery,Sydney.
2000 Major exhibition of Dacou artists, sponsored by AMP.
2002 Fireworks Gallery, Brisbane.
2003 Telstra Award Nomination.
2003 Tandanya Institute, Adelaide.
2004 Utopia Dreams, Dacou Gallery, Adelaide.
2005 Solander Gallery, Canberra.
2006 Gallery Savah, Sydney.
2007 Gallery Savah, Sydney.
2008 Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne.
2008 Gallery Mbantua, Alice Springs.

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